Angry Mobs

Angry Mobs

June 25th. 2020  

What do you see in the picture? The obvious thing is there is a man, a biker with an SS tattoo,and he is surrounded by a mob. There is a young black woman on top of him with her fist raised.
   You can see from the second picture that there was a group chasing the man and the young woman was part of that group. The KKK had decided to have a rally in Ann Arbor Michigan.
The anti Klan groups were on one side and this man walked into their part of the street and someone said, “There’s a Klansman in the crowd.” At first they started to chase him. The shout arose “Kill the Nazi”.

   We have seen plenty of mobs lately. First, people stormed the state capitals to protest staying at home or wearing masks. They have a right to protest, although it remains unclear to me what they are actually protesting. (Are they protesting their own right to die and kill others?)
Then there was the brutal and tragic death of George Floyd and that spawned an outcry which has rocked the nation. Most of the protests have been peaceful but there has been violence. I ask myself, “What are they protesting about?” They are protesting about 400 years of forced slavery. People being kidnapped , beaten, women raped and being forced to go to a new place , thousands being thrown overboard along the way. The institutionalization of people being treated like property is a good reason to protest. Then watching a country be built by their labor and not getting anything out of it is a good reason to protest.
    In WW2 when GI´s came home all of them had an opportunity to buy a low cost home through the GI bill …. except the African American soldiers who had served. They were specifically excluded. 🤬
    At every step of the way this country which has been a source of promise for so many, made every effort to keep one group of people unable to get an equal share of that promise.
In watching George Floyds life be squeezed out of him by a police officers knee, people snapped.
     What about the mobs and some of the destruction which was caused and the tearing down of statues and other things which seem to bother people these days?

What bothers you more? Auto Zone being burned to the ground or the man kidnapped from his country in Africa and then thrown overboard on the journey to the USA where he would have been a slave until he died?
    What bothers you more? A statue of a confederate traitor being pulled to the ground or 36 square blocks of Tulsa which were burned to the ground by a white mob and hundreds of men women and children who were brutally killed.
     While I am against the destroying of property , I know this. I am sure that Autozone in Minneapolis will get rebuilt. I know that Wendys in Atlanta can get rebuilt but you cannot “rebuild” the lives that were tortured, raped and murdered during 450 years of systematic racism.
     We can not go back , history does not allow “do overs”. The way forward could result in change many people are afraid of. What should we do?

     We go back to the picture.
    The crowd caught the man and he was going to be beaten to death. The 18 year old African American girl threw herself on top of the man and took all the blows which were meant for him. People beat her with signs and kicked her and she held up her hand , to try to stop the crowd.
The photographer who was taking the pictures thought this?
    “She put herself at physical risk to protect someone who, in my opinion, would not have done the same for her,” he says. “Who does that in this world?”
Hmmm….”Who does that in this world?”
     She was asked why she did what she did:
     “I knew what it was like to be hurt,” she says. “The many times that that happened, I wish someone would have stood up for me.”😢
     Think about that:
     “I knew what it was like to be hurt,” she says. “The many times that that happened, I wish someone would have stood up for me.”😢

     The world is a messy place. My faith tells me that we are our brothers(and sisters) keeper.However, it is a little more complex than that. The parable of the good Samaritan is not about being good to your friends, it is about understanding the hurt of your enemies. If we can find a way to share each others hurt, we can navigate our way through turbulent times.
1 Corinthians 13 : 7 “(love) always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

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